NDS input support. [詳細]

#include <nds/touch.h>
#include <nds/input.h>



void scanKeys (void)
 Obtains the current keypad state.
uint32 keysCurrent (void)
 Obtains the current keypad state.
uint32 keysHeld (void)
 Obtains the current keypad held state.
uint32 keysDown (void)
 Obtains the current keypad pressed state.
uint32 keysDownRepeat (void)
 Obtains the current keypad pressed or repeating state.
void keysSetRepeat (u8 setDelay, u8 setRepeat)
 Sets the key repeat parameters.
uint32 keysUp (void)
 Obtains the current keypad released state.
 __attribute__ ((deprecated)) touchPosition touchReadXY()
void touchRead (touchPosition *data)
 Obtains the current touchpad state.


NDS input support.


uint32 keysCurrent ( void   ) 

Obtains the current keypad state.

Call this function to get keypad state without affecting state of other key functions (keysUp keysHeld etc...)

void keysSetRepeat ( u8  setDelay,
u8  setRepeat 

Sets the key repeat parameters.

setDelay Number of scanKeys calls before keys start to repeat.
setRepeat Number of scanKeys calls before keys repeat.
void scanKeys ( void   ) 
touchRead ( touchPosition data  ) 
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